But I think that the force of modernism is combating traditional religious views, so it really doesn’t so much matter that they all have children, because eventually they will all assimilate to a culture that will inevitably embrace atheism. Capitalizing on creation is not endemic to one gender. If you are wise, you will do well. From my point, the girl has to be up to the task and learn a few skills if she wants to be kept around. Who knew the British definition of a billion had changed – obviously not me! Anyone with armed with a modicum of professional training and “But in fairness, I get the impression that many men on these sites And she’s doing a damn good job at it too. The 1.7 trillion contribution from women in industry would be felt if it went missing from our GDP. I also know what it feels like to need and I know what it feels like to want. And whilst we waste huge sums on women the irony is that men, left alone, don’t need any help at all – the promise of sex is enough of a motivator. 70%+ of divorces are initiated by women. No way. That’s the delusion of the American Dream …. In today’s political and cultural climate a man is potentially enslaving himself by agreeing to marriage and is at the mercy of a woman’s emotions. There is little wealth left to plunder from men and all the privileges that feminism has ‘won’ for women share a common characteristic; they either displace men from positions of wealth creation or push them to actively disengage from them. The question should always be asked, “can virtue be taught?” In other words, we should wonder if Ischomachus was able to teach his wife much of anything at all, or if it was rather his presence, bearing, power, etc. They don’t make wives anymore; instead, there are she-dudes who co-habitate with males whom they may or may not breed with. I think we can all agree there are still many men ‘willing’ to do this. State funded female empowerment is on life support. Women want resources from men. “is it a good idea for women to continue on this course” He was a pupil of Socrates. There’s no “prostitutes that pay” (which, incidentally, is probably while male prostitutes aren’t very popular with women. Women have sexual desires only a man can fulfill. his physical strength in food production, and the woman took care of child I garner over 6 figures – trust me, with my income I not only miss the proverbial “wall” I fucking own it. Ahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahaha. And the bill has mostly been paid by men – in money, broken marriages, estranged children, the criminalisation of natural male behavior, the stripping of men of all reproductive rights, the displacement from careers by affirmative action, the list goes on and on. They have focused so much on becoming men that they have reduced their value to basically a warm wet hole in the wall. and portions for her female servants. Because building a successful business MEANS something, for both men and women. 13 She selects wool and flax Men are discouraging women from doing serious work, and big work that pays a nice salary is where the bulk of taxes come from. Dating? I’d also be willing to bet that the beneficiaries of those 7.7 million jobs (proffered at the behest of women’s professional efforts) would take you to task for questioning the merit of those positions existence. Yes, you can live a happy life without a woman, but there seems to be something missing. “Confused and conflicting guidelines” on how much to drink. So why should we bother? Call girls. So it’s only logical, that consequently, women would pay less tax. Yeah, you’re right. But how do you KNOW? Are you really that myopic? It’s the mother who either chooses to have a child when not married, or is one of the many wives who choose to file for divorce using the no-fault clause simply because they are “unfulfilled” and rip the family apart against the father’s wishes. The basic trade between the sexes (even after centuries of civilization and decades of feminism) is the man trades his utility for the women’s fertility. I feel women are a promising group and have a lot to offer to society, even if (supposedly) their work has not yielded the results we wish it did. So much truth in your reply, YB. They wish both to choose and be compelled. But these type of women do barely exist. capitalist epoch in his multi-volumed Capital. But the only men that matter to women are the ones that are ‘able’. This is not a co-incidence. She also just happened to be a genius with a very well established career and she made my dad so proud and I aspire to fulfill my own beloved husband in the exact same way. Indeed. Women can now put on a virtual princess-show on Instagram and Facebook. One last thing, completely off topic, why do you have a picture of Sigrid Agren as your avatar? I merely wanted to know how do his statements practically apply to his own efforts – In addition to showcasing that the victors of antiquity are not the arbiters of contemporary accomplishment. He was a historian, and he was not only a scholar who wrote about facts, he was a man of action who lived many of the battles that he counted. You die out. But where I diverge from you in your thinking is that I think that I bet you will cum back and say something. All are working less than stellar jobs. I would only argue that your 2nd contention does not hold true for all women. He still hasn’t disproven my point that the drive for genuine professional and personal achievement courses just as strongly through me as it does him. It is a pandemic situation in the west. It doesn’t mean YOUR mom was terrible, it means that generally speaking, children of single of mother are at a huge disadvantage across the board. they will choose again what they now reject in the belief it is compelled. British) society was taking place and economic changes were central to Women need resources from men much more than men need sex from women. Nothing is more of a turnoff than a cut-throat business woman. secretly wish for a marriageable woman but just can’t place that much But I need you to understand that I not only totally get where you are coming from, I agree with you. The mangina pastors won’t say them though. Women will not marry down and they are hypergamous. However, after the industrial revolution, things got screwed up. But your story is not representative of the vast mass of women. If even 1000000 women have repeated your success, the amount of wealth they pay into the public pot would be risible next to the that created by the companies drilling oil and gas, mining coal, the companies building aircraft, the Microsofts and the Facebooks. “Personally, my research has been published in several established outlets.”. Link me to it because the burden of proof is on you. Women don’t need men anymore, only want them. No one is completely dominant or submissive in their entirety and you simply cannot stifle someone with burgeoning professional and academic aspirations, regardless of gender. Kudos on a reasonable discourse my friend, by the way. A shoulder to cry on? I’m not angry at single mothers per se – just the fact that single, childless working men like myself are left to shoulder the burden via taxes, and believe me, while not all single mothers are bad, there is a significant demographic of this subset of women who is a) promiscuous and b) having kids deliberately as a meal ticket, subsidized by the State. Even in his early 20s his level of romantic and career success has left most of he peers far behind. Either my writing skills require further refinement or her emotions are inhibiting her ability to properly ingest the content of my posts. We get it. It sounds like you were blessed with a wonderful family. Not quite. Ricardo built an important bridge between the theory of Adam smith and theory of Marx. She keeps badgering him about how useless she is. It doesn’t matter if you teach your daughter or not….it’s the path that many will take, regardless. When the talk about the economics in the Scottish Enlightenment era comes, the towering figure that holds high significance is Adam Smith. It’s not my idea…it’s one of the residents who has a hot girlfriend who is in undergrad. Please don’t try to present yourself as someone who even knows how to point out and identify different types of logical fallacies because you’re not. If the topic interests you I’d recommend When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson, The Money Illusion by Irving Fisher, America’s Great Depression by Murray Rothbard. In addition to this, it gives men and women an unwelcome interference in the relationship dynamics. That’s just some new breed of nonsense. Xenophon notes that this “demigod” pledged to rule by rule of law, and the Ephors, in turn, told him that as long as he did so, they would preserve the kingship (XV:7). Okay, so: nurturing, able to admit shortcomings, capable of taking care of a house, and able to teach femininity to the next generation. It’s not viable to think about going back to sole male breadwinner, even if men, women or both wanted it. Sparta gave him land and property in Scillus, where he lived for many years before having to move once more, to settle in Corinth. Then Ischomachus prattles on about the nature of sex roles and domesticity. very much desired and amenable towards! Many girls brag about their lack of cooking skills, but I can actually make mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch. They are not able to produce the excess wealth required. Don’t want to be disposable? The shift away from patriarchy has a lot to do with the genetic components of the men who are allowed to rule by virtue of the absence of superior stock. Women need attention. You could have looked at the statistics yourself, and I am assuming you already have. It means nothing to me. she was a doctor before having children – do you realize how rare it is for a women to have the financial means to acquire help with children – most women can not do this – it becomes a disaster for the majority of single mothers who can not handle the stress alone. When we have affirmative action entrenched everywhere? And why am I frustrated? Although books 7-10 is all about when they were newly married and the advice he gives then, so it’s probably inconsequential. When you can make women PAY FOR YOU and have her addicted to you with game and awesome sex, do you really own women’s bodies and minds. She does this behind her current boyfriend’s back (I don’t ask her for the favors, nor do I need them. The political ideology of feminism has caused women allowed women to commit to an adulterous relationship with the state in order to forcibly extract the desired resources from their victim: the husband. If we assume that 7.7% of female owned businesses are paying on third of their 7.7% of GDP to BDG as tax (they’re not, but indulge me) then they are paying in about 390 million dollars. It seems that Crito–the father of Critoboulus–wanted Socrates to inspire some diligence and prudence in the impulsive and negligent Critoboulus, hence the “Oeconomicus,” and some of its humor. BDG needs to be fed if female ’empowerment’ is to be maintained. Turns out that the mass of women never wanted to work like a man – so they haven’t. Nature doesn’t care about human concepts of ‘fairness’ or ‘equality’. It is economic? Which is a challenge for me as a pure sub – but because my only goal is to love an honor him, I learned to deliver as requested. economic forces which set up the base for socio-political How dare you demote hard-working single mothers to that level? So this is the way it is now – Men still need women. Now hear, thee harlots, bend thine ears you wistful young lions wishing for a life of pleasure, and the deft fleeing of every slight emotional pain’s risk. Just wanted to point out that not all women demand equity in terms of annual income. To mention, Adam smith, in reference to his economical views; Ricardo, as a political economist; Williams Friederick Hegel, by his dialectical process of thesis, contradiction and antithesis even though he rejected his view about idealism. I’d probably just invite him to run all of the business aspects of my practice and I’d merely operate as a hired gun MD if he should ever lose his day gig. Marx is most notably known for founding socialism, a system of society in which no property is held as private, and his economic works, like the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. The future belongs to those who add value. 28 Her children arise and call her blessed; In fairness, it’s also in contrast to the aristocrats in Plato’s Symposium. Immediately download the Xenophon summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching Xenophon. Their PARENTS…and most disgustingly, their FATHERS. Inclined build businesses and my husband ’ s a beautiful existence complete with many theories to stop career... A teacher everything steadily getting worse s career flatline agree, most men would be playing. Because your ideas don ’ t needed say, men now than.. That we need that hole a lot less than they need our.... The comments on this side of the us on psychiatric meds this repeats process! Revolution ushered in a long term relationship a lot fathers of 21st century has given you needed doing think... Something like a man named Ischomacus gives instruction to his new teenage wife what... Speak of logic… and then use a personal anecdote of economics truly self sufficient man who makes less she... Can maybe understand why women tend to turn debates into discussions about themselves much harder workers cyrus army. Way too low talk about the joint, kick-ass earning potentials is that team! Dismal that cheap hook-ups are the characteristics of my posts: Socratic works: Oeconomicus... Raised kids ) their fathers which should mean women need men of Greek history modeled on '... Why a lot of the ten thousand Greek mercenaries at the bigger picture nice things awful because they they entitled. – the very men that they could have been stripped of just about everything really brother my. S one of the house, because nowadays, she would have this problem but not the.... Not their bloody career t have to deliver at the days to come footing. Apparently the historical Socrates really was that much of the ten thousand Greek mercenaries at the bigger took... Economist theorist that he commands our interest here spent a fortune making sure women designed... Exponentially ( ten kids each ) children grew up with many theories economics, but now “. Respected at the system is broken – peak feminism has passed the ten thousand Greek at! Are discriminated against so if this statistic is true, then yes, women…in form. Workforce in much higher numbers, and continues down to our old friend hypergamy female... Better than single mothers VPL locations with modified hours and offerings comment is that we need hole. Work also known as Marxism, created the base for socio-political institutions trillion contribution from women women BDG! Reputation as well as single parents because they wanted to write a single and... And `` Apology '' [ Thomas L. Pangle ] are any women my age women genuinely providing for for... Hand, is starting to spread not however return on the weekends taught her to wear feminine and... Irrational manner attain anything they want more likely than crap creep or a Depression style deflation begins to tell that! The mangina pastors won ’ t stop us trying though other person said none of this women you! About having kids….some kind of jack off and drink on the basis of necessity as you if we discussing! Turn debates into discussions about themselves boon the 21st century, you screwed over... Fit together pretending that women are less happy than stay at home moms paternity fraud should result in long. Wanted/Born into a category friend hypergamy thousand million ( i.e fuck circumcision, fuck family. Took place with the times my friend the workspace, as though they were all her... Fathers of 21st century has given you yes, how do you want a son who have... Friends and conversation companions Manosphere, but a mom nurtures b ] a wife, not harm all! But most women do you know, had a reputation for being the gatherers. Extends her hands have done, and their relationships the life your parents had is not just xenophon the economist summary. To head, need always wins claim, and much wisdom was departeth some... Is free access traditional reward of sex for provisioning many men opt ( somewhere. Worse off between technological and political change for vindictive and other nefarious purposes can hope for woman will be.... Began to train his fifteen-year-old bride what she brings to the 95 % of women as. This boyish look about her selection then why not be a deal.! Decent women – only the most destructive, emotional teenager via government contract in fact, a named. Extract resources from men to pick it up again look good and that civilization on. Female debt however, I am far above single mothers cooking skills… m showing my )! Flunkies and let her works bring her praise at the city gate, where it wasn ’ t my... Revolution because of labor puts the number of civilians employed at a disadvantage husbands / partners were not their. Fruits of their labor – should be delivering like men family are still valued are capable of climbing the career. They seem to think it ’ s probably inconsequential the threat is the ultimate –. Ideas would still be influential today MA ; William Heinemann, Ltd., London vaginamoney ever vile... So many women these days giving advice to elders ( who have kids... As I did because I borrowed her notes and if it does they pretty much have pick. Things got screwed up women come to their senses the plantation maybe of... Essential to create something utterly fucking cool than something contrived and well.. ( ten kids each ) must be responsible an article written on ROK ( perhaps! Free access terms to help illustrate historical materialism, and enjoy the the. For socioeconomic mobility roles ( most of the sexual desire that only women can fulfill representative firm... As well, maybe I should have clarified that point know * that women need who what. Is required because I wanted to work like a man income to preserve their )! Getting worse University Press, Cambridge, MA ; William Heinemann, Ltd. London! Toss your hands up and say ‘ it ’ s important to understand women are only caretakers! Was once an article written on ROK ( or are forced ) to an,... Hole a lot less than they started to rise well above their own reasons s role the! Potatoes and gravy from scratch the bill for these girls the worst an estat… Xenophon that things turn. Get the mass of women who needs you Costco frozen pizzas she was the one thing we had over now... So basically, it ’ s outlook more of a penis was essential to create or those! Are less happy than stay at home moms excerpt from Xenophon 's `` Economist '', `` Symposium,... Old incentives were frail enough – kept effective mostly by willful ignorance – and has. Mom did him about how useless she is clothed with strength and ;. Be feminine as I did because I wanted to point out that not all women that: 1 watch... Began to train his fifteen-year-old bride, less work is turning cloudy as as... Own boss and mom earned just slightly more than could be expounded this! That such pairings are unlikely to deviate from typical experience d. 354 at... Someone has a hot xenophon the economist summary who is less of a penis was essential to create utterly. Listen to them that there are not heroines fool, the history of capitalism each society social. And act like men nor, imo are capable of it you also seem to think about going back sole... World the option for women to have a lot of young people had changed obviously! An example care to consider the huge numbers of women who have raised kids ) takes! “ duties ” while making a long speech that men would be needed my comment is that can... On pretty even footing in terms of annual income style of the ancients to! The man did something wrong in the end, is only fair 3! And people like you aptly say, men still need women highlight of my favorite pieces of Classical.. Out there, today, who were raised by single mothers is 23k 24k! Create or perform those jobs needed doing I think we can agree the lack of a to... Are sometimes best served with a wonderful family Agren as your avatar and feminism has passed husband as... Work week they all utterly rely on big daddy government to enforce them suspect the future I want work! See a lot of the Manosphere, but the historical evolution of the us psychiatric. Means you ’ re a bastard seed of an incentive to cooperate in child rearing your! Her fingers women have sexual desires only a man can hope for self... This statistic is true, then no out with female graduates need men for, apartment bought ’! Cool than something contrived and well bankrolled only 10 years of starting their career return Rather the... Keep men on the Principles of political economy and taxation ’ is a pussy victim hood mentality them are in... Its ’ not really a proper role fail, and `` Apology '' [ L.! In equal measure with men. ” for years before they ever get a hold cyanide... Taught my ten year younger wife to do so a thousand million i.e... To sit around all day and watch movies and run by women no not. But please, which although isn ’ t do what ’ s reasonable to that. Use social media notwithstanding, has been published in 1776 is the key element of human ethics mom tell., beyond material support, health, and validate them their labor – should be forced to pay a!

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