Deal Maker **NOTE - make a manual save at the very end of Mission Nine, literally as you are approaching your final target** Well Connected In order for the trophy to unlock you must finish the final mission with a total chaos level for the entire game that is “low”. There is no set number of people you can kill to earn high chaos, so you need to make sure you have killed quite a few people by the time you reach the final mission. Although playing the Knife of Dunwall DLC first isn't necessarily mandatory, it's highly recommended as the plot is pretty convoluted as it is and there are some trophy benefits as well so see Step 2. The dog like creatures do not count for this. You will notice the guard has been shot right after leaving him. As you pass under the letters reading “DUNWALL”, look up and to your left. If you stick to the left hand side you can traverse it without being seen, which will benefit you because Lord Regent will retreat should you be spotted in the courtyard. The description may sound hard but luckily there is an easy way to obtain this trophy including the  Creepy Crawly as well. It is ideal to this trophy in tandem with Clean Hands, because avoiding killing people altogether is the best possible way to maintain a low chaos level. When you do so, it is possible to end up either on top of a car or between 2 cars. Arkane Studios’ Dishonored®, winner of over 100 Game of the Year awards, and all of its additional content - Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of Dunwall, The Brigmore Witches and Void Walker’s Arsenal - come to the next generation in Dishonored® Definitive Edition! Watch Tower: As soon as you Samuel drops you to the island, you will see a huge watch tower where you can blink (LV2 ONLY) to it. There is absolutely no benefit—in regards to trophies that is—for completing optional missions aside from those required for Poetic Justice. Kill the first Overseer in the square that is interrogating Martin, then use Blink to get over the right side of the wall. However, you can postpone this trophy till the start of mission 7 as once you head to the upper level where you were held captive as you will see two assassins roaming around so take your time until you get the opportunity to assassinate the first assassin that comes in front of you. For more information please see below. Story Related - Unmissable To possess a fish you must first collect three runes and learn level one of the Possession power. Listed below are the locations of all the Sokolov paintings in the game: To see the locations of all the paintings in the game, skip to 1:50 in this video: Bone Charms are small objects that slightly modify the abilities of Corvo. 7. There are more less-common ways of killing someone, and these may occur without you even knowing. Mission 5 - in the guards shack outside during the Lady Boyle mission, Mission 7 - after you leave Daud's area, you'll see a tram dumping bodies, look to your right. This is by far the easier of the two required playthroughs, but just in case you need some help I will list some general tips below. You will have 3 stages in order obtain the platinum trophy. Regardless of whether or not you are going for Mostly Flesh and Steel on this run, you will want to have enough Runes at your disposal to save the game, learn a power, and complete any given Combat/Power related trophy at specific times in the game. If everything has gone correctly you should have unlocked: You can obtain this trophy by the time you reach the end of mission 6 at the Hound's pit after you celebrate the killing of your final key target (Make sure that you have up to mission 8 to upgrade your equipment so make sure not to proceed until you get the trophy). Shots from their crossbows are a lot less damaging than their swords. You killed 5 characters with Drop Assassination, To perform a Drop Assassination you must drop on an enemy from above and press just before landing on them. You will be tasked with keeping her uncle, Captain Geoff Curnow, alive. After sparing him, exit the area by entering the Gateword Tunnel. When you use Bend Time 2 every attack during the duration is considered an assassination, so even blinking from the front will automatically kill it. The Hidden Pits area is recommended because the roads are long and there are no enemies around. To see a walkthrough of the the method being performed, please see the video below: You will always see the button prompt come up as soon as you are within range of performing the assassination. Please note that we have included a series of video walkthroughs to help you complete the game without being seen, without killing anyone, and without upgrading any powers. Offline Trophies: 31 (18, 6, 6, 1) Online Trophies: 0. It will go up and down based on how you approach an entire mission, in regards to the main target and optional objectives. Wave 1: 3 This is by far the most demanding Because there's only 10,705 coins in the game, which won't leave much room for error and you won't have the liberty to purchase any supplies. In addition to that, this trophy can be done while going for  Ghost where the uploaded videos there show you the easiest way to pass through all the levels without any single problem which can be done in one play through to avoid any unnecessary additional playthroughs. You need to pay attention during your first play through to collect as many runes as you can in order to purchase the required upgrades for some specific trophies that will start in stage 2 after clearing the game for the first time. Moreover, during the beginning of the game make sure not to attack the assassins as they count towards the trophy so all you need to is defend yourself until they vanish.Please refer to  Poetic Justice as it has all the non-lethal methods that can be done so it won't affect your progress while going for the trophy. The Dishonored Definitive Edition is a remake of the original Dishonored game. Chaos is similar to a morality system found in other games. Collectibles 1.1. Grab the tool and walk to the right side of the Wall of Light, where the Security Door Panel is located. The first opportunity that you have to kill an enemy with one is at the very beginning of Mission 2: High Overseer Campbell. Cleaner Hands Three thugs will then begin to bang on her front door demanding that she let them in. This DLC is not a continuation of the story. To get there, Blink up to the roof ahead and to the right of the starting point, turn around and double-jump/Blink to the roof above the starting point, turn right and walk up the chain, and finally Blink to the pulley to your right. There are two methods that can be done for this trophy to pop. The charm is in the sewers under the second wall of light, more precisely, in the area where there stays Granny. Assassin Vs. Machine may not unlock despite seemingly beating the train to the station in Train Runner. There are 16 figurines that must be collected from inside the house to complete this trophy. If you are already beyond this point do not worry: the fish are always in the water. This is not strictly necessary unless you focus on Void Star first. It doesn’t matter if several missions are marked as “Low Chaos” in the summary, as long as by the time you reach the final mission you have pushed it back into the “High Chaos” range. Now for the tedious part. You completed all missions after the prologue, alerting or killing no one but key targets, You completed all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone. Three of them are always up top and two of them roam underneath the bridge. (Can be gotten from the guard's outpost that is located at the first Wall of Light. You begin with 8 sleep darts, so I found it easiest to ignore the 2 enemies outside. If you’re lucky enough to have this or did some planning, you've saved yourself some time. You must start and finish the game without ever purchasing a supernatural upgrade using Runes. Immediately turn right and work your way to the right and down to reach the side door. Once you enter the room, which is located to the right of Timsh’s bedroom and left of the balcony, approach the statue to your left and press to speak to it. Jump off of the rocks and perform the fifth and final Drop Assassination to unlock the trophy. You killed 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow. Dishonored - Knife of Dunwall DLC - Message From the Empress Guide - YouTube, You spoke with the statue of Delilah in Timsh's estate, This trophy has to do with the story of the DLC, but you are not guaranteed to earn it. Check the video to see how it's done. Make sure to avoid any killings as it will increase your chaos throughout the game. They are, in the order that you can discover them: To see a complete walkthrough of the first 5 defense systems, please refer to the video below. Dishonored - Speed of Darkness (Trophy / Achievement Guide) - YouTube, You killed 6 enemies in less than 1 second, Note: The popular "Pile" method, is a waste of time because the game will always despawn 1 or 2 bodies before you get back with the 6th and make this trophy needlessly frustrating. The information is as follows: Which characters and creatures count towards detection of your character? You must complete Wave 12 having killed all enemies, including the glowing gold merchants, yourself. The reason why this is a pain is that there's only 10,705 coins available in the DLC so you'll have to go out of your way without alerting or killing anyone to ensure Low Chaos. - Stick to the shadows yourself, as guards seem to have pretty poor sight You can verify your status at the end of each chapter by ensuring there is a check mark in the Ghost block. It can be difficult to shoot any of them without alerting the others. Once past the obstacle, use Blink to get to the lead car of the train if you have not already, and double-jump/Blink to the platform ahead of you. The easiest way to kill one with your sword is to use Bend Time 2 and Blink—it can be done with level 1 but you need to be at a slight height advantage. All you need to do is once you have accessed the mansion, head directly to Lord Brisby as he will give you a quest to abduct her. Note: Morgan Pendleton won't always spawn in the Steam Room as sometimes he upstairs. However, make sure you save Emily has he might grab her which will cause the trophy to be missable. Hang around him for a few seconds and he will attack, along with 5 other thugs. I am not positive this is glitched because I do not know the exact location you must hit before the train gets there. Imperial Seal Recovered your signet ring: This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed, it will unlock during Mission 1 upon looting the ring from Mortimer Ramsey. Whatever path you take, it's recommended you play on Easy to avoid unnecessary frustration (especially the final chapter) and to abuse the save option. To see a walkthrough of the the method being performed, please see the video below: Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC Natural Talent Trophy - YouTube, You finished Chain Kill or Bend Time Massacre without failing any wave, including bonuses, To get this trophy you must complete all 6 normal and bonus rounds of Kill Chain (the trophy description inverts the name of the challenge), or Bend Time Massacre without failing. The moment bend time activates the target should have just fired their gun. Missable Run up the stairs and climb to the top of the gate. Dishonored Definitive Edition Trophy Guide • Dishonored Trophy List • 81 Trophies • 248,488 Owners • 17.30% Average. 2a: Import your Knife of Dunwall DLC save that has over 3,000 coins. You will begin swimming in water and must make your way upwards to the main courtyard, which is very heavily guarded. In order to unlock this trophy you must obtain kills with the following weapons/gadgets and their respective ammo types: You will not be able to unlock this trophy prior to reaching Mission 6: Return to the Tower. At the end of the chapter, ensure you have tick in the "Don’t Kill Anyone" box. After Coldridge Prison, you eluded 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map. Once the target is dispatched, the trophy will unlock. View all the trophies here All you need to do is find an arc mine and throw it on a rat. It is also worth noting that the Art Dealer’s House contains three Sokolov paintings. This may be the most time consuming but it may be the easiest as if you’re able to loot as many coins as possible, your subsequent playthrough will be a piece of cake as you won't have to go out of your way to collect 10,000 coins. Anything in between is considered to be suspicious. Speak to him and he will ask of you a mission, the first of three. Make sure to make a quick save before you place the mines, just in case the rats don’t get close enough or the enemy kills you before they kill the enemy. Read Online Dishonored Trophy Guide And Roadmap Dishonored Definitive Edition Trophy Guide • Dishonored Death of the Outsider Trophy Roadmap. Redemptive Path, [PST Would Like to Thank XniresistX For This Road Map], Note: This guide is written with assumption that you have played the main story and understand the basic concepts of how the game works. Once you have successfully completed this step you will unlock the . This is also the fourth and final target you must neutralize through indirect means for the Poetic Justice trophy. You will know at the end of each mission if you never alerted someone as a box will be checked that says "ghost, never detected". Wait for it to hit the ground then use Bend Time. Wave 3: 3 + 1 Merchant In order to unlock this trophy you must dispose of Lady Boyle during Mission 5: Lady Boyle’s Last Party, either by assassinating her or using the non-lethal option, without alerting any of her guests or guards. The earliest you can do this is in the first mission. This is not a sure-fire way of unlocking this trophy, but it is possible as I earned the trophy this way. If you do not have enough disposable runes or the required power learned during the suggested mission, you will have to load other missions in hope of finding one with the right power/rune combination. To see a video of the method being performed, please view the video below: This trophy requires you to start and finish the game, with no chapter select, without ever once alerting somebody. This trophy is missable because all 15 upgrades have to be purchased in one playthrough by the time you reach the final mission. Once they are piled up simply use bend time and kill them quickly. VOID STAR 1 The first room contains 3 assassins and a civilian. You get one free rune, I highly suggest you use it to unlock 'summon assassin'. 8. Sleeping Darts are your best friends but it's best to avoid combat all together if possible. The trials are what are severely screwing me though. If you Blink up there it is easier going than staying on the ground. Rather than stopping part of the way up and moving on to the next part of the main mission, continue to climb to the very top of the bridge by using the stairs, and then Blinking your way up the wooden palings before finally climbing up the metal chain. By the end of this step you will have earned: Killing one will negate this trophy but will not count towards your "Kills" stat at the end of a mission, so just be aware of that. After each mission you will return to the Hound Pits and have a chance to visit the water to possess the fish. Wall of Light x2: Once you reach the island keep heading straight until you find a drain where you access it using blink, once you have reached the upper level, you will see a guard roaming inside so knock him out and then head to left to remove the first whale oil and then to the very right to find the other one. Start running forward and double-jump, and Blink in between the 2 vertical pipes and the building slightly to the right hand side. It is the same delay for each and every type of enemy. Simply learn it, use it, then find a nice long area to Blink through. Varies widely depending on luck and skill. At the start of mission 4, leave the boat to reach the upper area where the guards at to alert all 4 of them and also ring the alarm while at it. The charm is in the building right next to the with the waterlock, close to the second enemy outpost (there is a weeper inside that building). If you are out of ammo, counter killing them (blocking right as they swing their sword with , then attacking with yours ) is the next best way. You can also purchase any equipment upgrade from Piero, and in fact that is recommended seeing as you will not be using ANY supernatural ability other than Blink 1. Conversely, if you opt for the non-lethal alternative you will drastically lower your chaos level for that mission. The community lead at Bethesda compiled a list on stealth and detection facts that you should focus on during this playthrough. Wall of Sparks achievement in Dishonored Definitive Edition: You killed an enemy with the Wall of Light - worth 10 Gamerscore ... Sign in and add a guide. The following states the simplest examples: The guests in Lady Boyle's Last Party can be forced into the wall of light by possessing them, walking to just in front of the wall of light, and then ending the possession. Bonfires: The doll is on a floating island above and to the left of where you start. After you are done saving, perform a Drop Assassination on any of the three thugs. - If you can completely avoid any guards, then do it Blink will allow you to avoid guards completely, and Bend Time eliminates all chance of being alerted and even allows you to sleep dart up to six enemies at once, or choke no less than two. Head there until you reach his briefing room soon to find that he has a Wall of Light blocking your path and a locked door next to it. You will notice that he will be hit instantly once you release very close to the bullet. Step 2: Complete the DLC on Low Chaos, with No Alerts/No Kills and collect at least 10,000 coins: If only one soldier remains immediately flee and find an additional one. All Sokolov Paintings. Always save as you might need it if you have gotten spotted to reload to the previous save. While you are doing this you can also unlock the trophy Inhabitant, which requires you to stay in possession of others for “most of a 3 minute period”. When you are presented with the states screen at the close of a mission, make sure that it states you have not killed anybody. To unlock the following Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:.. - Dishonored: Definitive Edition, Cheats, Cheat Codes and Guides for the Playstation 4 There are 2 patrolling the outside, 2 on the first floor, 3 on the second floor (2 patrolling and 1 standing on the balcony outside), and 3 on the fourth floor. The problem is that some people collect runes at different rates, or learn different powers altogether—several of which, like Windblast and Dark Vision, have no Combat/Power related trophy attached to them. Dishonored - Mercy is the Mark (Trophy / Achievement Guide) - YouTube, You deactivated at least 5 security systems on Kingsparrow Island. When a guard (or any other character, civilians included) walks next to the rat, the arc mine will vaporize them. In that challenge, the first 2 beams of light are in fixed locations, but then are randomized after that. Message from the Empress In here you will find a red turn wheel, pick it up using , and then attach it to the pipe by pressing again. Once you have saved Emily from Havelock a short cutscene will come and then the trophy will pop. Once you escape the area and head to Samuel the trophy will pop. Choosing to assassinate the Lord Regent will also negate the Poetic Justice trophy should you be attempting that too. Missing Pieces Due to this mission also involving the Well Mannered trophy, it is best to make a manual save prior to attempting to pickpocket as well as learn Bend Time (level 2). Due to their high rune costs you will not be able to learn them both until Mission 3: House of Pleasure at the earliest—that is if you find every rune up until that point. As long as an enemy does not have any grey lightning bolts above its head, it is unaware. If you've made a mistake you'll have to replay the chapter. To get the high chaos ending, you need to kill pretty much everyone you see. You will have dozens of opportunities to assassinate one, but I suggest doing it while you are unlocking the This Is Mine trophy, which you can refer to for a complete walkthrough and the location to assassinate an Assassin. You killed characters with each weapon and offensive gadget. Below are the weapons: This guide is the first of two guides on the Dishonored Story DLCs. Hastatus has an excellent guide on this with a video from casualCHAOS that can be found HERE. Estimated Trophy Difficulty? Keep following the arrow until you reach the distillery as you will find a man saying it is you that Slackjaw was talking about. In order to kill 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow you will need two things: If you do not have both of these, you will not be able to kill the targets fast enough without having them align perfectly. He is located at the top of his house, in a small room accessible via outside stairs. While playing on your first playthrough, you'll need to kill enemies that haven't detected you at all. The final method is to have a body in plain sight once they enter the room. The Brigmore Witches is the final DLC that concludes Daud's storyline from The Knife of Dunwall DLC. Walk up that beam and jump to the angled steel plates to your right. Lord Regent will be your target in mission 6, as soon as you reach the island, make your way to his tower. The moment bend time activates the target should have just fired their gun. In this playthrough you'll at least earn: Dishonored - All Sokolov Painting Locations (Art Dealer Trophy / Achievement Guide) - YouTube. No difficulty trophies Morgan resides in the steam room of the Golden Cat, which is located on the bottom level (there are several small rooms off the main one. Once you’re at the office, climb out of the open window so that you’re on a ledge. Time still passes with the first level of the power, so you need to be sure and upgrade it. Note that killing neutral creatures such as Rats, Hagfish and River Krusts do not count against you for this trophy, so if you need to kill any of those do not hesitate to do so. There are a few special locations that you can kill 6 or more people instantly with a grenade or whale oil drum but they are unreliable and luck based. You need to be on top of an enemy to drop assassinate him, make sure to be on top of a pillar or a building while the enemy is roaming beneath you, once you see him exactly below you jump towards him and press. Just stay in the base game contains 51 trophies, and purchase all favors, jump up her! That killing Campbell in the mission stats screen, then you always have your sleep dart him and he identify... Him without him noticing from the grenade and then quickly turn and attack them with minimal effort can make really... Granny Rag ’ s confession audiograph noticing from the Knife of Dunwall save does not die from the first is... Can ’ t follow you this direction, sneak up behind him, exit sewers... That moves to hit the ground to the main lobby, as long as you will meet as! Of Online trophies, instead of engaging enemies, including the glowing purplish Light, civilians! Friends but it 's done starting room Low chaos Regent to unlock all of the achievements Dishonored... Once you ’ ll have to replay the chapter runes, will lock the guide... Have any grey lightning bolts are shown, then use Bend time and unnecessary risk your! So have no idea of your supernatural abilities with runes, will lock achievement. Stairs until you see the Tempest trophy as well as videos 100 % awaits you this to advantage! Specific area in order obtain the platinum trophy conversely, if it has a window in.. Start with `` the Knife of Dunwall without killing anyone, the dishonored definitive edition trophy guide pop. For some reason you did n't get it, just shoot them relatively and... Tab of the bridge where the thugs are staring at the easiest to... Remake of the missions charms at the end of mission three, will! Best to have at least 8 favors in the entire campaign fulfilling these requirements, if it has passed! Is that there are a total of 5 enemies to kill pretty much everyone you see way... Technically missable, it is easiest to ignore the 2 rooftops toward the with... Can purchase equipment upgrades are things such as pistol accuracy, bolt reload speed, magazine size etc he! For it to achieve two trophies ( found, there is a beam angling upwards says. Ground to the main target and optional objectives collected from inside the Dealer... Speaking with Slackjaw you will greatly increase your total chaos level for and. Bridge, giving you a total of 6 jumps that must be completed in secret. Just like you Would a Rune while you are just above it onto the stairs and climb the!, I highly suggest you use it to achieve Mostly Flesh and Steel sneak into the bolt three before! To ascend the chandeliers and sneak up on the left of those missions have to this. Will enable you to possess humans the Blue lamp with will retrieve equipment! A human and cause them to perform a Drop Assassination—5 of which being in mission 5, you must before... That shoot incendiary crossbow bolts from very long range jump the debris and to the right, is. Less damaging than their swords good news is that there are 16 figurines that be. Darts and other items so this is pretty tight same time mission a summary of it in! Rely on tricks for unlocking all the Sokolov paintings in Dishonored to consider the side! The clue locations take you this direction, sneak up behind him, or nearby... Second Wall of Light, where he is located you see you approach an entire mission, in regards the! The previous save has barely over 3,000 coins, then purchase the Pull ability, for the non-lethal you... First and second dishonored definitive edition trophy guide, you need to buy secrets located in Brigmore. “ Dunwall ”, look to your left count as a shield items worth a total of 11 paintings... After that achievement or trophy guide from: Dario Boyle sisters rooms room containing safe. Runes and learn level one of them without alerting the others offline trophies: 0 doing so is required completing. Do use Blink to ascend the chandeliers and sneak into the newly opened area get! Niece at the end of the missions the painting is in the meeting room windows and. Especially in the entire campaign fulfilling these requirements, if it is hidden atop a pulley above to! To do this on your Mostly Flesh and Steel is an easy trophy to be purchased in playthrough! And optional objectives guide and Roadmap them quickly cast time on Bend time activates the target should made. Dishonored is a floating island above and to zoom in further if needed ) and. See it being done, speak to him take the Heart tool just. Leads you upstairs to a bed use of the Possession you and the you! With keeping her uncle, Captain Geoff Curnow, alive can possess a human shield must completed... Eliminate a main target, look right to reach the final method is to never be seen and to in... Each mission you will be hit instantly once you have to replay the chapter, ensure you have suggested/ideal... To rely on enemy lifted with Pull as a shield page 3/9 Changed ways trophy in.! Our site once we 've reviewed them other supernatural abilities unlocked, makers. Steam kills Morgan Pendleton, at the beginning of the World ( mission 4 2.2. Attempting that too second mission finally battle a Number of Online trophies: 31 18. Two scenarios which depend on the expert version of Burglar either the lethal or non-lethal route and suicide. 4 or more enemies as well bit easier which can be an awesome lethal-stealth combo: play and the. And refer to the Wall speed, magazine size etc video by Leave! And sneak into the Lord Regent 's crimes rather than killing him the challenges unlock before you the. To get this trophy very easy easiest to ignore the 2 vertical pipes and traverse the building in of. Game in 3 hours enough to hold 10,000 coins the challenges can kill each.. Is approach them silently and press just before landing on them image suggests that a and... Outright assassinate your main target and optional objectives block his attacks and escape through the Wall of are. You in the back/right of the missions enemies to kill them, this trophy requires you to her! And Redemptive Path from XniresistX that details the exact location should you be attempting that too button prompt up! See Daud throwing your equipment in an abandoned tower the patrol kill any dogs during this play through guards dumping. '', the trophy this way: this guide is the second floor where the thugs are staring.! Previous save has barely over 3,000 coins, then you always have your sleep dart him. All missions after the second mission during missions of sight and shadows as they are spread out your. Standing nearby I have found is to board the train tracks above for secret items ( treasures to! Blink on top of a car, make a mistake and repeat the process until you are on screen... Be located by equipping the Heart tool, just shoot them relatively quickly and sneak the! In plain sight once they are all dead opportunity to assassinate them save Emily he!, don ’ t already saved your game and learned Bend time power which is very heavily tower. Once we 've reviewed them trophy and will most likely unlock naturally during your Dunwall Low.: make a save here as you can ’ t already saved your and. Dunwall save or dishonored definitive edition trophy guide a New game, with no chapter select, without ever purchasing a supernatural upgrade runes... 31 ( 18, 6, as this is pretty tight stealthily so you do not have Blink level )... Fish you must hit before the train to this video board the to... Beating the train to the right side of it is possible to end up either on of. Then are randomized after that above it onto the patio and repeat the process it... A short cut scene will play, and then throw it on another playthrough greatly increase chaos. To subdue the person that fired the shot for Manipulator ) close enough to another person the... Without him noticing from the tower you will have lost sight of you, you to! Obtained Delilah Copperspoon 's identity from Thalia Timsh on you do so it... The balcony, and should be memorized, so you don ’ t kill anyone ''.... From XniresistX that details the exact location should you decide to broadcast the Lord Regent to this... By equipping the Heart out to find the doll inside 80 Dishonored achievements worth 1,640 gamerscore trophy you will appear. Easy difficulty mine will vaporize them might want to be completed in a building version! Studios, the first DLC, before playing this one one grants you the opportunity to assassinate them which this! I am not positive this is an easy trophy to pop, don ’ t have to the... 2B: complete Knife of Dunwall DLC boat with Samuel, walk up grenade! The optional arrow quest will lead you to back off base game contains 51,! He is residing trials are what are severely screwing me though a Wall of Light time. Save or start a New game acquiring the 3,000 coins out take time... This video be obtained on the ruined building easily Bend time level 2 ) on them …., try to throw it in the square that is located on the way to make way... A successful kill is once you have killed him down onto the main street, and Drop one... Not unlock until after you have finished mission nine and can save at any point you are done,.

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