Please see our Privacy Page for more information. Clearwater to recast for my son and it was like butter- really nice feel. In the package, the first thing you’ll notice is the Clearwater rod tube. Otherwise on with the show…. You don’t feel as if you have to put all of your effort behind the rod when trying to make these specific casts. You can bring them to any fight that you would like to have. This being said, with some practice, you’ll gain the feel for the timing and have no trouble. Orvis cleaned up the appearance and made the entire reel a bit more sleek. Fly angling is one of the most challenging yet rewarding hobbies any person can have. However, the 8-foot Aetos turned in much higher scores in several categories, including performance at 25 feet, swing weight and light tippet protection. Once I got a demo in my hands, I was more impressed. Do note that the reel isn’t the best out there – but if you’re just learning, it’s something to get started with. That gives it a perfect score of 10 along with the Aetos. Here is our pick for the best inexpensive rod to swing with. You can rest assured that the Clearwater will hold its own against whatever you throw its way. The rod features medium-fast or mid-flex action. It has a lot of power but also a wide sweet spot, which will be easy for beginners to hit. If you manage to damage or break your rod somehow, you can send it back to them and Orvis will fix your rod, with no charge! Many people like Orvis because they can purchase rods made in the USA, but these do not come without a price. And short range casting with the Clearwater is unusually pleasant. Where to Buy an Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod? That’s absolutely insane. The Orvis Clearwater series provides you with the best quality fly rod for the price. The seat holds the reel well with no worry about it loosening over time. You’ll find that the line control is very precise when you start casting out flies, perfect for catching those wily river trout. Whether you buy your Orvis online or in store, you can be reassured by the 25-year Orvis guarantee the company provides. You can relax and use your rod without feeling like you have to wrap it in cotton wool. It’s a great rod to start out with, but it’s not just for beginner anglers either. Apparently Fly Fisherman magazines Recon fly rod review agrees as well. Tight lines everyone! With a moderate action, the Clearwater beautifully captures that midpoint between precision and power. On the 6-weight, you’ll have confidence casting a small dry as well as a heavy streamer. The reel seat is sturdy, while the graphite insert is strong and requires little maintenance. The Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod is made of mid-modulus graphite. The Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod and Reel Outfit is one of the best fly fishing combos available today — and has been for years. The Clearwater is made out of mid-modulus graphite and only weighs around 3 ounces. However, if you’re looking for a quality product that will last for a long time, this probably isn’t for you. Since it’s a higher-end entry-level rod, it’s not going to be spectacular at one specific thing. Line Recommendation: Scientific Anglers GPX (Rio Gold worked well for some casters, too) 88 points. Since it’s a higher-end entry-level rod, it’s not going to be spectacular at one specific thing. You’ll hit your spots no matter what type of fly you’re using. The Orvis Clearwater 5-Weight, 8’6” Fly Rod Outfit gives anglers of all skill levels many years of satisfying use without breaking the bank. Technical line stuff aside, the rod performed VERY well. That being said, I think the Orvis Clearwater 5-weight, 8’6” Fly Rod is a fantastically built rod that is one of the strongest I have used in these past few years. A good fly rod is something you’ll likely have for a lifetime. After using the rod and reel setup for over a year, he lists the pros, cons, and everything you need to know. This could be due to my casting ability, but I don’t think I’m alone when I say the rod is fairly stiff. The quality of the cork is superior to earlier models and has a smooth, clean finish. I purchased this rod hoping it would feel better than my entry-level setup and without a doubt, it does. The performance is amazing – it tracks well and forms tight loops. It seems as if rod outfits are becoming more and more expensive, but Orvis has managed to keep the price down enough that it won’t hurt too much to buy. The reel is good quality, and the whole rod is easy to use, so ideal for those just getting the hang of fly fishing for trout. The Clearview rod has had a complete redesign recently, bringing it up to date with the latest technology to match the best entry-level rods out there right now. The new Clearwater Rod Series is a complete overhaul from the ground up by our Vermont rod designers. It was hard to tell the difference between the 4-weight and the 8-weight. The Clearwater series of fly rods are accurate, with an impressive performance, lots of feel, and flawless balance. Very light weight at 3.7 ounces for a 10 rod. Presentation is one of the most important factors in fly fishing. I’ve taken this fly rod to plenty of different fly fishing destinations across the US and I’ve enjoyed using it. The Orvis fly reel is excellent quality, too, so no need to upgrade like with some fly combos. The Clearwater holds its own against the Recon and I don’t plan on buying a new 6-weight any time soon. If you break or damage your rod in any way, you can send it back to Orvis and they’ll fix it for no extra charge. But there is another way around this. I started to help introduce as many people into this amazing sport. Whether you’re looking for a 5 weight fly rod, a 7 weight fly rod or something else, Orvis have created a great range that is truly versatile and a joy to use. The great thing about the new Clearwater reel is that it isn’t much different than the older model. I have a rod Orvis Clearwater Spey rod… I have a rod Orvis Clearwater Spey rod and the tip broke two eyelets down. The reel has a bit more bulk to it to make it feel like a higher-end product. You’ll have confidence in its durability and peace of mind that it will keep your rod safe. This really is the main difference between some of their higher-end rods. Orvis Clearwater Rod Review. I have handled 4-pound Largemouth bass and felt the sensitive strike of an 8-inch brook trout on my 6-weight. In our rod review, the Clearview rod performed well across all distances, from 20 ft – 60 ft. These are their top of the line fly rods with a phenomenal reputation. Orvis CLEARWATER 8’6” #4 $198.00 George’s Comments: The best thing I found about the Clearwater is the price. This Redington product has good action, feel, and balance, and could be a good budget option as a starter rod. They come equipped with 75 yards of 20-pound backing as well as weight forward line. Orvis offers the Clearwater in a 4-piece rod that delivers and even experienced anglers thoroughly enjoy. 858-500-2761 You can’t go wrong! It has a medium action and Orvis has found the right balance between power and accuracy. The New 2019 Orvis Clearwater 3-Weight 10'0" Fly Rod is the perfect choice for euro nymph style fishing, high-sticking, mending line, and casting longer distances to deliver dry flies precisely on target. With this rod I have personally caught some really big trout that would’ve definitely broken other rods available on the market today. Versatility is the name of the game for the Clearwater. You can test the limits of your Clearwater and see how it is going to perform in a variety of circumstances. Plus, the soft tip allows you to mend and place the fly wherever you would like once it is on the water. I have full creative freedom to write any positive and negative comments in this Orvis Clearwater review and I will gain nothing extra either way. You'll get great customer support from Orvis online and on the phone if needed, You could potentially get a cheaper price if you buy all the parts separately - if you're willing to spend the time and effort shopping around, and then load the reel yourself too, Some anglers think that the Clearwater rods are slightly too stiff. Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000 Best Fish Finder Under $500. I mailed it in and they are telling me that this repair will take anywhere from 4-7 WEEKS. The best deals, discounts, and sales on all your fly fishing rods from Orvis, Scott, Winston, Thomas and Thomas and more Rods Thomas & Thomas Winston Scott Orvis Syndicate Cortland Sage Redington Temple Fork Outfitters Echo Discount Bin Lower quality materials have been used, so it’s worth upgrading the line. The reel seat complements the look of the blank, for a simple but attractive rod. I will be reviewing the Clearwater 6-weight 9′ rod outfit. The popular Orvis Clearwater rod series has been around for quite some time now and has been a popular option for folks not looking to drop a huge wad of cash on a new fly rod. It passes each test that I put it through. A travelling angler of many years shares the very best travel fly rods on the market this year including options for all budgets and needs. You can purchase these reels separately for around $90. I’ve fished all over North America in search of trout, salmon, steelhead and everything in between. Pros: When it comes down to it, this rod has a lot of great features and operates very smoothly. The Orvis Clearwater is based on the Orvis Helios 3D and 3F fly rods. The old Clearwater models all felt similar. From the colour scheme to the components and the new lighter weight, everything has been updated. This is rare to find in a fly rod, with many working best either for close, precise work or for long casts – but not both. To sum up this Orvis Clearwater review, we strongly believe that it is the best beginner fly rod for the money on the market right now. It’s a nice mix of action and power that won’t overwhelm you one way or the other. With a cool, understated dark grey colour and olive guide wraps, the new Clearwater rods really do look like premium rods. I wish the rod wasn’t as stiff as it is. It casts well and can reach most distances, but it may be less durable than the Clearwater. The lesser sensitivity is what pushed me to purchase the 5-weight Recon. Your email address will not be published. This is not easy to say for a package costing around $300. You could invest in a fly rod combo outfit, like the Orvis Clearview Fly Combo Outfit. 9′ 8-weight, 4-piece fly rod; Totally revamped and redesigned for 2019! Depending on your needs, Orvis has a package that will fit you. Orvis Clearwater 12’ 5-weight $349.00. While I have since upgraded other rods in my arsenal, the Clearwater 6-weight has stayed the same. Whether you’re a beginner or need a backup rod in case of a car door slam disaster. Features: The Orvis Clearwater 5-weight, 8’6” Fly Rod is made to give you the most features possible. We also have a review of the Orvis Helios 3 if you’re looking for a more premium fly rod. Some of the high-end rods have extremely fast actions that make it difficult to cast short distances. The Temple Fork NXT is another strong beginner fly rod outfit which will kit you out, ready to hit the water for a great fly fishing experience. The Clearwater presents no issues when you’re trying to travel with it. The best Tenkara Rod will allow you to experience Fly Fishing in a whole new way. Even when you reach 60 ft, the accuracy is impressive and consistent. The Fly Stop Authorized Orvis Dealer. Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo: Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit 905-4 – 5wt 9ft…, If even the Clearwater is too much for your budget, this could the rod for you, Has a high quality hard case, making it perfect for traveling with, The fly reel is made from composite plastic, which feels cheaper and isn’t as strong as the Orvis fly reels, The moderate action allows even a novice angler to cast well without scaring off the fish, It seems that the tip is prone to breaking off on the Temple Fork NXT, though the company do provide a repair service, The fly line included is slightly lower quality, so you might want to upgrade this yourself, Produced by a US-based company, with US customer service support available if needed, Cheaper components on this product mean that breakages are more common, from the reel to the rod tip, Doesn’t allow for precise casting compared to professional rods, A good set if you’re looking to get started with fly fishing on a tight budget. You’ll manage to hit those spots, but it’s going to rely a bit more on your casting ability to do so. It’s built with Helios tapers, a nickel cast aluminium reel, chrome snake guides, and a strong inline drag system. outfit is a fine match-up of equipment. Any cast between 20-65 feet doesn’t take much effort. I may be asking too much of a 6-weight to work well on smaller streams, but I still hoped it would perform a bit better. I’m not sponsored by Orvis, nor is this website at the time of writing, and while there are affiliate links in this post, I personally do not stand to gain anything from their commissions. You can purchase freshwater, big game/saltwater, two-handed, and travel Clearwater rods. That’s absolutely insane. We often recommend Amazon for ordering fly fishing gear online, but Amazon isn’t always the best option for shopping anglers. Thanks to the Orvis warranty, you are guaranteed to have a trusty rod to serve you for the next 25 years, so that initial investment in the Clearwater rod goes a long way. Before finishing up this Orvis Clearwater Review, I wanted to share some pros and cons of this rod and reel setup. You’ll find included a 9′ 5/6 weight rod, as well as line, backing, and leader, large arbor reel, rod sock, rod case, and even the flies and fly box. It has been made to offer you the best experience while you are out on your boat fishing. The set-up is balanced and the rod is simply terrific from looks to performance, a real casting stick. The Orvis Clearwater rod is often described as an all-rounder fly fishing rod or a workhouse.

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